1/4 oz American Eagle Platinum Proof Coin with Box and CoA (Random Year) (2023)

American eagle platinum coins were debuted by the U.S. Mint in 1997, over a decade after the first American eagle gold and silver bullion coins. All feature John Mercanti’s 1997 design “Liberty Looking to the Future” on the obverse. This stoic portrait of the Statue of Liberty gazing directly at the viewer, her expression thoughtful, evokes a contemplative yet ultimately optimistic mood.

The reverse designs are a different story…

See, platinum eagles were initially offered by the U.S. Mint in 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz weights, in both proof and BU (brilliant uncirculated) collections. Then, in 2008, the mint stopped producing fractional coins. And that’s a real shame! Because proof American eagle platinum coins were the only eagles that featured new designs on the reverse each year.

Because of their relatively low mintages and brief period of production, 1/4 oz platinum proof American eagles are mighty hard to come by, especially with their original boxes and certificates of authenticity (CoA) straight from the U.S. Mint. If you’ve been looking for a beautiful and unusual addition to diversify your coin collection, this might be what you’ve been looking for…

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Note: Our stock of proof quarter-ounce platinum eagles changes constantly, we can’t guarantee availability of a specific year or design. We’ll fulfill your order from our on-hand stock, which might mean you receive duplicate mintage years/designs in your order and could include the current year.

1/4 oz platinum American eagle proof coin highlights:

  • Every coin ships in its original U.S. Mint presentation packaging with certificate of authenticity
  • Minted in 1/4 oz. 0.9995 pure platinum
  • Relatively low mintages and brief production history make this an unusual collectible
  • Official legal tender in the U.S. with a $25 face value
  • Random year mintage (1997-2008) selected from our available stock at the time of your order

Quarter-ounce proof platinum eagle designs and mintage

During its relatively brief history, the 1/4 oz proof platinum eagle enjoyed an incredible range of designs. Below, you’ll find the mintage year, designer, a brief description of the reverse design and official mintage of each year.

  • 1997: Thomas D. Rogers. Soaring Eagle Above America. Mintage: 18,628
  • 1998: Thomas D. Rogers. Bald eagle flying over New England beach town with a lighthouse in the background, a full moon in the sky above. Mintage: 14,873
  • 1999: Al Maletsky. A bald eagle swoops low over a swamp, cypresses and an alligator in the background. Mintage: 13,507
  • 2000: Al Maletsky. A bald eagle soaring above a Midwestern field, with a farmhouse and barn in the background. Mintage: 11,995
  • 2001: Thomas D. Rogers. An eagle soars high above the tall saguaro cacti of the Arizona desert, with hills and the curious rock formations known as “hoodoos” in the leftmost background. Mintage: 8,847
  • 2002: Al Maletsky. A bald eagle strikes at a fish in a Northwestern lake, while snowcapped mountains watch in the background. Mintage: 9,282
  • 2003: Al Maletsky. A noble eagle perched on the branch of a Rocky Mountain pine gazes over its shoulder, while the U.S. flag flutters in the background. Mintage: 7,044
  • 2004: Donna Weaver. An engraving inspired by the Daniel Chester French sculpture America displayed outside the U.S. Customs House, New York City, New York. Mintage: 5,193
  • 2005: Donna Weaver. A heraldic bald eagle on a shield, wings spread, above a cornucopia. Mintage: 6,592
  • 2006: Joel Iskowitz. A symbolic “legislative muse,” flanked by two eagles perched on columns representing the House of Representatives and Senate. Mintage: 7,813
  • 2007: Tom Cleveland. A close-up of a bald eagle with stars-and-stripes shield, representing the executive branch of government. Mintage: 6,017
  • 2008: Joel Iskowitz. An American bald eagle watches over Lady Justice. Mintage: 4,153

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